Jenna Rose Robbins took in some old-fashioned vaudeville entertainment served with a side
of Michelin-starred fare.



courtesy of Palazzo

While there’s no shortage of dinner theater in the German capital, Palazzo stands apart, offering an evening of entertainment and dining born of a rare pedigree.
The two architects behind the retro production include Kolja Kleeberg of celebrated restaurant VAU and Hans-Peter Wodarz, known throughout Germany for his culinary ventures and TV cooking show Berlin Kocht (Berlin Cooks). Together, the duo has produced an evening that delights audiences from around the globe with circus-themed entertainment and four courses of international cuisine that illustrates why Kleeberg has been heaped with accolades, including a Michelin star.
Performers regale with feats of physical wonder and antics that know no language barriers. The simple act of blowing bubbles becomes masterful in the hands of Burl the Bubble Guy, while Irish/English duo Up & Over It perform dance percussion, a form of musical performance that hints at their Riverdance origins but takes some unexpected – and humorous – turns.
Even standard circus acts get upgrades. Not content to juggle in place, Ukrainian Oleg Dyalchuk rolls about in a customized ball that allows him to spill out towards the audience and come within a hair of tumbling off the stage. French-Canadian duo Bande Artistique melds comedy and operatic singing, while rockabilly hula-hoop artist Igor Boutorine demonstrates moves that would make Elvis blush.
Even the venue has a storied past. As one of the many mobile dance pavilions popular at the turn of the 19th century, the Spiegelpalast (Mirror Palace) holds its own charm, with heaps of brocade, silk, and its namesake mirrors, all of which add to the ambiance of yesteryear.
Kynaststr. 25. www.palazzo.org. Tickets:  01806388883.